The New Garden – Part Two

At the end of 2014 I began to formulate our ideas for the new Garden onto paper. We were going to create a completely new layout for the ground at the rear of the property. On my/our wish list for the New Garden was Raised Beds Fruit trees Vegetable garden Compost area Greenhouse Lawn – a level lawn! […]

The New Garden – Part One

No, I am not talking about the Norwegian garden this time, (anyway, its not new, its been here 3 years this summer). Well not much but it does come into the story…..What I want to tell you about today is the garden that is on the other side of our property. Its not huge its […]

Inspirational Quote No.3

There is a definite change in the air… The birds have noticed it and are singing more throughout the day.  The pond is alive with amorous frogs. More and more flowers are beginning to open their faces to the sun when it shines. And, at last, my Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold Promise’ has opened its hitherto tightly […]

New Vegetable Garden – a brief overview

From the previous post about making net frames, you will see that I have raised vegetable beds. This is all part of the re-designed  garden behind our property. To give you a brief outline about the vegetable Garden, perhaps I should start by saying that to be honest I’ve never grown much in the way of veg, […]

P.A.W 15/02/17

Here is the latest round up of my Garden. The title implies that this happens weekly but it has slid somewhat because of the weather. Yes! PAW has slipped because of the weather, a case of “leaves on the line” effect! It has either been raining or so wet under foot that no gardening could […]