The Pond has sprung a leak, again!

This seems to be a regular occurrence in our Garden, the Pond has sprung a leak, again! If your saw the programme Big Dreams, Small Spaces (Series One, episode 5) you will know something of what went into the construction of the Water feature as part of the Norwegian garden here at Dovewood, although possibly […]

My Husband Is Not A Gardener

It’s true. My husband is not a gardener, nor does he profess to be. He likes looking at Gardens. He likes choosing and buying(!) plants. We always have to check out the TLC corner of any Garden Centre we visit. Of course, if that was the only area that we/he made a selection from, we […]

The Placing of Art(ifacts) In My Garden

Here at Dovewood  I have a number of items as features or points of interest which I think of fondly as Art In My Garden. This post was inspired by a recent article I have read by Alexandra Campbell about Sculpture and Ornaments in the Garden (which you can read for yourself HERE )  In which she explores […]