The Making of a TV Programme – Part One

Over the last month or so I have been doing some website ‘house-keeping’, tidying things up, making sure links work, photo’s load etc. I’ve realised that several times I have apologised for mentioning the TV programme we took part in. I’d assumed I was becoming the Party Bore about it. So if you’ve heard all […]

Spring has sprung, The grass has riz…

Yes in deed, Spring has sprung, The grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is… I’m not sure where this quote comes from but it is one that is often used in my family. I spent all of this February, and the first half of March, anxiously inspecting the Garden, and surrounding countryside, for evidence […]

Veggies Galore – a Productive Garden

When I was planning the new garden on the north side of Dovewood,  Old Tim and I decided it should include a productive vegetable area. In reality most of the garden has an edible aspect to it. We have the fruit trees, which we lovingly call the Orchard,  with herbs and Strawberries growing at their ‘feet’. The Nuttery……well…… two Hazels […]

Scent In The Garden or Not!

Whilst I was designing and building the garden on the north side of Dovewood, I was thinking about scent in the garden. All plant purchasing was suspended for this part of my domain but that didn’t stop me from writing my shopping Wish list. Spurred on by the delightful scent of the Philadelphus in next door’s garden, […]