A World of Colour – in the hands of a gardener

I began thinking about this a few days ago when I saw a pink coloured car. Have you noticed how we live in a World of Colour?! I don’t mean to state the obvious as we all realise that it is all around us. What I mean is the way we describe things by it. It is a Universal ‘language’. Many colours are described by word association……

a world of colour

I described the car I saw to my husband as ‘Lipstick Pink’. In this World of Colour we are all familiar with Sunshine Yellow, Sky Blue, Rose Red, and Grass Green. Other colours are assigned a phrase such as Black as Night or ‘White as Snow’……………… Whilst associations describe some, such as Pillar Box Red, Baby Pink or Baby Blue. Do you like your eggs ‘Sunny-side up’?

I used to work for as a Demonstrator for Stampin’ Up! where the various shades of Cardstock all have names using alliteration such as Flirty Flamingo and Peekaboo Peach, and somehow you knew what colour to expect. Although Primrose Petals threw me as it was a dark pink! Primrose is a pale yellow. Light yellow is described as Primrose yellow……..I wonder what the thinking was behind that name choice? As a marketing ploy it works, after all, once learnt it is not a colour you easily forget.

Green Thumbs?

A skilled Gardener is often referred to as having ‘Green Thumbs’ but I beg to differ. How can you get green thumbs without green fore-fingers too? And then it only happens, in my experience, when pinching out side shoots on Tomato plants. Handling cut grass gives you green hands, not thumbs. No, the colour we should talking about when referring to gardeners hands is ‘Earth-Brown’! For example

” Oooh she’s got brown hands that girl just look at the way her plants do grow!” (Sorry, you have to think Dorset accent there!)  or in a posh voice……. ” I say chaps, Mr Titchmarsh has frightfully good Earth Brown hands, just look at the way his Garden grows!”

Ok, it certainly doesn’t have the same ring to it but it is a far more accurate description.

On the other hand (pun intended!) Trying to prevent Earth-brown hands is a constant battle for those of us who try to keep up appearances in the manicure department. The fashion for earth-rimmed nails has not yet hit the cat-walks of Paris or Milan. Garden gloves never stay on my hands for long or if they, do they invariably have worn-out finger tips and my digits exposed. I have umpteen pairs of fingerless gloves – useless!

World of colour, garden hands, green thumbs

But all is not lost, I have a remedy! Before you enter the garden, drag your finger-nails (or if they are not present….your finger tips) across a bar of semi-hard soap. This prevents the earth lodging under nails and speeds the clean up afterwards, as the soap is “on hand”!!! Likewise a good coating of Hand-cream before entering your plot prevents soil getting ingrained.

(Affiliate link) The delightful Gardeners Skin care set from Heathcote and Ivory is fragranced with the summery scent of Tomato vines. Mmmmmmm! A happy reminder in Winter.

Have you a favourite solution to the age old problem of horticultural hand care? Please let me know if you have any tips to share

Happy gardening!

x Helen



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