About The Gardener and her Garden

Helen Cronin – The Gardener

Helen the young gardener (c) Helen Cronin

I think green fingers must run in my family. Although I never knew my paternal Grandfather, he was a Market Gardener and supplied Convent Garden with produce from his Farm. My father loved gardening, and we spent many happy hours together working in the gardens of the various homes we had, of which there were quite a few – ten to be precise. Sadly, he never got the opportunity to see the gardens I’ve had since I married as he died in 1995, aged just 66.

I have always gardened, ever since I could hold a trowel.   I love gardening….and dogs….and reading….and cooking……and craft work….. and photography…………… I am a Polymath. I sip the nectar of my interests by flying from one to t’other whilst juggling everything life throws at me. But gardening really makes my heart sing……….except when I am knee deep in sludgy soggy clay!

I am married to my best friend, sometimes referred to as ‘Old Tim’ and we share our home with two furbabies

Dovewood – the Garden

My present Garden at Dovewood is not a large plot at approx. 100 x 40 feet. Much bigger than many modern homes have but not the acreage of my dreams. Having said that it is plenty big enough for me to work and play in.

You can read more about the Garden layout and can see a Plan of it there too.

There wasn’t much here when I came, a selection of shrubs and perennials that probably all came as the result of a  magazine offer. However there were two BIG trees (Liquidambar), and a beautiful Japanese Acer. One of the Sweet Gums was right outside the Kitchen window and completely overshadowed the lawn. It had been badly pruned and was a horrid shape, so we parted company. The one in the Back garden was beautiful, especially in all its Autumn glory. I had to have the crown reduced several times in an effort to keep it but sadly, it too has had to go, a case of right plant, wrong place.

I laid the Garden out when I first came here in 2002, and have gradually re-worked each area. In 2014 we upped our game and took part in the TV programme “Big Dreams, Small Spaces” with Monty Don. Since then the rest of the garden has been undergoing a major change as I am now chronicling in my Blog. In 2015 I re-designed the remaining area of the front garden. And at the end of 2015 and into 2016 undertook completely re-working the back Garden. For 2017 the plan is to continue the re-planting of the back garden and to begin producing our own fruit and Veg.

Life and Notebooks

Helen Cronin

The name for this website came from the fact that I love keeping notebooks, and have kept them for all sorts of reasons over the years.

Leaves From My Garden (LFMG) is a play on words being leaves of plants and leaves (pages) from notebooks. I hope that you will find plenty to interest you here in these pages as you can learn from my experience and be inspired to create your own dream garden

Life isn’t always perfect, and I have good days and bad days. There are creative days and grey days but the Lord Jesus Christ is my Saviour. He sees me through it all and loves me just the same.