Best book about gardening – ever!

Oooh! I am so excited to share with you what I consider to be the best book about gardening – ever! (PLEASE NOTE there are affiliate links within this post) Do I sound excited? I love, love, love this book and I hope you will too! I am talking about the book “We Made a […]

Inspirational Gardening Quote no 7

In writing posts for Leaves From My Garden I have to be not only the ‘Journalist’ but the Editor, Photographer, Graphic Artist and Typesetter too! Don’t get me wrong I love it all but it does take time. I need to spend sometime in my garden today. Over the next week or so I have a […]

10 Rainy Day Activities for Frustrated Gardeners

You’ve got the day all planned. No commitments. Yay! A whole day to garden and then……it rains. But fret not I have 10 Rainy Day Activities for frustrated Gardeners. All is not lost! Yes! There is always Housework to do but how about some “house-work” for the Garden for a change? Whilst we don’t all have Potting […]

Gardening Life at Dovewood

I think it is time to update you on what is happening at Dovewood, as the gardening life goes on apace at this time of year! Produce The Potatoes seem to be growing inches by the day! I have topped up the compost levels several times so that the sacks are now about 3/4 full. I will […]

Inspirational Gardening Quote No 6

Here is another of my Inspirational Gardening Quotes. Today I am having to step back a bit from LFMG as my ‘other’ life has taken over – that of the book-keeping for my husband’s business – amongst other things. So this quote couldn’t be more appropriate for me! I hope you like it and my artwork. […]

6 Small Garden Design Lessons-Learnt

There is one area of Dovewood I haven’t yet told you about yet, and that is the area around the Japanese Maple or Acer. This odd-shaped piece of ground has probably taught me the most valuable garden design lessons. Its shape is roughly triangular and it is the next to the Norwegian garden. 1. Get to know your […]

Sheds, Sheds, Glorious Garden Sheds!

I don’t want to sexist but there seems to be something peculiarly English about the Garden Shed and the way it is held in high regard by men. Or is it a universal pre-occupation with the male species? In the UK, Garden Sheds are usually the prerogative of the man of the House, it’s his space and his dominion. However, there is a growing […]