Big Dreams, Small Spaces

The programme

In August 2014 I saw a paragraph in the Gardeners World magazine highlighting an upcoming new Series called Big Dreams, Small Spaces with Monty Don. The Production team were looking for people who were planning a project for their own garden. It was to be based on a favourite location or memory, and needing expert advice to make it happen. To cut a long story short, we applied, and were turned down. Then we were contacted as a possible “back-up” garden should anyone else drop out. Subsequently we were chosen to be in the First Series.

We were filmed for over 40 hours for the 20 minutes or so of coverage on the programme. We had a time lapse camera looking onto the garden for 7 months whilst we undertook first the garage workshop re-build. That happened in the most appalling weather. The work had to be done before we could start the garden project, and before the actual gardening.


The Garden expert comes to call

Monty Don’s first visit was to hear about our plans for the Garden and to advise us. His second visit was to lend a hand, and his third was to view the finished project.

And our project? To build a representation of what we saw on our honeymoon in Norway. We had fallen in love with a mountain side landscape in the ski resort of Gol in July 2007!

Here is a link to the programme Big Dreams, Small Spaces Series One Episode 5 you can see a clip here and the programme is repeated from time to time

And a glimpse of part of what we went on to create

Norwegian Garden at Dovewood

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