Garden Photo Challenge Weeks 1-10

In my post about Leaves From My Garden (07/04/17) I set myself a photographic and Gardening quest!

To not only have, each day, something growing in the garden that is interesting (leaf/flower/seed/colour) but to put that photo on Instagram. So even if you don’t have time to visit LFMG you will see a photo from me EVERY day.  You can read the whole post and about the Garden Photo Challenge HERE

When I told my husband of the task I was setting myself, he was somewhat incredulous. So to prove him wrong, and to prove that even a small Garden can be interesting all year, I will be posting on Instagram every day!  Ok, I know if I start now, in Spring, it should be easy but it also challenges me, (and gives me the time), to make sure that my garden can meet my goal too! Phew! Can I do it? I am certainly going to give it my best shot (pun intended!) You can visit my Instagram account HERE, then click the follow button so that you can follow my progress and whether I am ultimately successful.

I will add a weekly Collage of images below:

WEEK 1: 7th April -13th April 2017

Collage for Photo Challenge week One

WEEK 2: 14th April – 20th April 2017

Collage of Garden Photos week 2

WEEK 3: 21st April 21st – 27th April 2017

Dovewood Photo Challenge Wk 3

WEEK 4: 28th April – 4th May 2017

Dovewood Garden Photo Challenge Week 4

WEEK 5: 5th May – 11th May 2017

Garden Photo Challenge Week5

WEEK 6: 12th May – 18th May 2017

Dovewood Garden Photo Challenge Week 6

WEEK 7: 19th May – 25th May

This week also featured a video of fluffy grass seed heads in the Pond

Dovewood Garden Photo Challenge Week 7

WEEK 8: 26th May – 1st June

This week also featured a Collage of Welsh Poppies

Dovewood Garden Photo Challenge Week 8

WEEK 9: 2nd June – 8th June 

Dovewood Garden Photo Challenge Week 9

WEEK 10: 9th June – 15th June

Garden Photo Challenge week 10