Gardening Life at Dovewood

I think it is time to update you on what is happening at Dovewood, as the gardening life goes on apace at this time of year!


Growing Potatoes in sacks

The Potatoes seem to be growing inches by the day! I have topped up the compost levels several times so that the sacks are now about 3/4 full. I will be topping them up further which would give the plants more stability. After a long dry spell we have had had a few good down-pours lately which has kept them nicely watered. Although I need to check them to make sure the rain did penetrate and not just bounce of the foliage. With the sunshine we have had it looks promising for a good harvest. I have just ordered the seed potatoes for the Autumn harvest so we should have plenty of spuds this year.


SFG Raised Vegetable beds

The Onions, Leeks and Garlic are growing well, as are the Carrots and Peas. I have sown some Fine Beans, and I had a good germination rate with the first sowing of Parsnips. Time to sow more if I want a successional harvest.

I have planted the Cauliflower plants and Brussel Sprouts. The Onions planted in the Autumn are a bit in the way until I can harvest them. I probably need to sow Cauli and Sprouts a bit later than I did this year if my planting plan is to work. But the Salad crops are not doing at all well, I can’t decide if it is because I sow too thinly or the planting medium is just too light for them but the germination is slow and sparse

The Orchard

All the trees are growing well. The Christmas Pippin is looking much healthier than last year when it suffered so badly from Aphids. There are infestations on a couple of other trees which I will be spraying with my Organic solution. Despite the late frosts there is plenty of fruit to be seen on the trees. I will be watching for the June drop to see whether I need to thin the fruitlets further as the trees are still young. I am determined to keep on top of the Plum pruning this year and get the two cordons into shape

The blossom on the Crab apple "Laura"

The Crab Apple ‘Laura’ was covered in blossom this Spring and now has a promising crop growing. Only time will tell if I can get to the fruit this year before the dogs have it – they stripped the tree the first year!

The Norwegian Garden

My gardening time last weekend was spent trying to clear the pond and stream of Blanket weed. I also relocated a large clump of grasses and rocks in an effort to protect the Water Hawthorn from bathing sparrows. They stand on the planting basket for their ablutions and thereby shred the leaves. As my wellies have a hole in them I didn’t want to stand in the water so I stood straddled across the stream whilst moving the rocks. I ended up hurting my back, so not good. But it does all look nicer and the water clearer, for the moment anyway.

And in the Mixed Borders

Battling Bindweed and Ground Elder is still on my to-do list as is continuing the planting. I have bought several plants this week that need to go in asap.

……but still to do…..

The Greenhouse is still waiting to be glazed….(sigh)….. I have put it into the Diary to do in a couple of weeks when I have fewer commitments but I so need it NOW!!! I have started some Tomato plants on the Kitchen windowsill, rather late I know but I am determined to have some in my greenhouse THIS YEAR.

GardeningLife at Dovewood means edging the lawn with pavers sometime

And this HAS to be done too. We bought these Pavers to edge the lawn. I have to strim around the edge every time I cut the grass. It takes longer to get the Strimmer and Lawn Mower out and set up, than it takes to cut the grass. I always knew if I had grass right up to the raised beds it would be high maintenance but I hadn’t anticipated how well the grass would grow. Having said that on the shady side of the lawn we have the opposite problem. It is too shady and the grass doesn’t grow well, so it looks a bit rank and weedy. Edging the lawn with these blocks should mean I won’t need to strim as often and I can stand containers in the darker corners.

Gardening Life

At this time of year with warmer weather and longer days it is a joy to be in the garden. Days that are too dry or too hot are not that many in the UK and we can be sure of colder wetter weather all to soon. I resent having to do stuff that keeps me indoors but it is wonderful not to have to change my slippers for wellies each time I want to pop out into the garden. To be able to go out for a handful of fresh salad leaves or to pluck sun-warmed fruit straight from the plant is a joy that in my opinion knows no rival .

Happy gardening

x Helen


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