Are you struggling to create your dream Garden?

You've watched all the TV programmes, you've read all the books, you've bought all the magazines .......

You know what you want it to look like but don't know how to translate that onto the ground?

You have the ideas but you just need someone to help you make sense of it all? Yes? could spend shed loads of money on consulting a Garden Designer even for your small garden. 


You could sign up for a Design course at your local Horticulture College, and learn all the stuff 

(Seriously? Just for making the one garden?)

But if you have neither the finance nor the time, you just need a simple straightforward guide to creating the Garden you long for, so that you can spend your time and money on the space you crave.


The Quick Start Guide to Creating Your Garden

finally The solution from A gardener with hands on experience

......who knows what it's like to create a garden with

limited time and a limited budget 

If You Need to Make Sense of your ideas? No problem

If You Need to know what to do and when? You've got it

If You Need Step-by-Step advice? It's Covered


 everything but the plants, well almost everything ....... let's face it....... it's that good. 


e-Book: Creating Your  Garden 

The downloadable e-Book is packed with information gathering ideas, planning, sources of inspiration, design tips as well as advice on how to plot your ideas onto the ground, 

(value £25)

Worksheets: Creating Your Garden

Full set of worksheets to implement everything you learn in the e-Book includes checklists, garden planning sheets, soil test record, work planner, budget sheet, shopping list and sample sheets

(value £15)


The Quick Start Outline Worksheet and the Quick Start Tasks Checklist


 You own your home, and you long for a garden to relax in, to entertain in, a place the whole family can enjoy. Perhaps you want to grow your own fruit and veggies. Or you would love to have enough flowers to cut for vases for your home. 

Where do you start? What should you include/exclude?
What plants should you get? Will they grow in your garden?

Do any of those questions sound familiar to you?



What if... you had an actionable plan

What if... you knew you could build your garden within your budget

What if... instead of feeling overwhelmed, you knew what to do next........


I'm Helen Cronin and I've been a gardener ever since I could hold a trowel and toddle around the garden with my Daddy. In fact, he probably taught me most of what I know about gardening.

I also know what it is like to have ideas - big ideas - for the garden! My most recent one ended up being built (by me and my husband) for a National TV programme. We didn't have Movie Mogul money financing it, I took on three jobs to pay for it. So I can identify with the struggle to build your dream garden to a tight budget.

I've put together this  e-Book and Design pack using all my experience from creating that and the other gardens I have had the pleasure to grow.


This is the cost-effective answer to your 

gardening frustration 

It's time to take action for your dream


Because ....................

this is the solution to help you move forward

Are you ready to make more progress than you thought possible?

The Quick Start Garden Design pack:-

  • e-Book packed with advice, ideas, and design tips
  • Design pack of Worksheets, Checklists, Sample Drawings
  • BONUSES ~ Quick Start Outline and Tasks Checklist sheets 

And its just £27 when you purchase today

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